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Eli Rallo is a podcast host, TikTok personality and burgeoning author. She is a graduate of the University of Michigan school of music, theatre and dance and Columbia University graduate school of journalism. Her brand includes: overpriced champagne, goat cheese, feminism, iPhone note poems and always finessing that next peanut m&m. When she’s not complaining about wanting chips and guac or dancing to lady Gaga in a furry bathrobe, she’s planning her next self exposé on her viral TikTok @thejarr.  She hopes to never return to the jersey shore permanently, but loves it because her parents are there and they can actually cook. She believes a bottle of wine can cure anything, especially, a bad attitude. Let’s get tipsy and change the world!

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Jake Rallo is a graduate from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration. During his time at Cornell, Jake pursued a beverage concentration learning the financial and tasting side of the wine industry. Recently he completed and successfully passed the WSET Level 2 wine certification. Upon graduation Jake will be working for Accenture Boston where he will help firms harness their digital potential. If not working Jake can be found cooking, singing show tunes, attempting to master a unique baked good or organizing an extensive shoe collection. Growing up in the restaurant industry, he is passionate about all things food and beverage. When he is home, he works in his father's restaurants, many times as a waiter, many times behind the line. Jake has a strong feeling that the future of the world lies within conducting productive spaces within the world of hospitality. He is honored to combine his passions for food and beverage with serving others.




Isabella Oddero is the seventh generation owner of one of the most historical wineries in the Langhe hills for the production of Barolo and Barbaresco wines. She is the owner and manager together with her aunt Mariacristina Oddero of the family property. They are the first generation of women in charge of the production and management of the estate after so many generations of men before them. Isabella was born and raised in La Morra, at her family winery, where she learned from everyday experience to have a deep respect for such a prestigious heritage and tradition and she developed a determined will to protect the authenticity of the area. When she was 18 years old she followed her desire to explore a different world and she spent some years in Milano, attending the Catholic University studying business economics and foreign languages where she obtained a degree in business communication and management. After her studies, she realized her priority was to be a good ambassador of the historical Oddero company and its wines in the world, as well as a young spokesperson for the territory of the Langhe hills and its extraordinary soils. She has a genuine love for wine, gastronomy and travel and she is in charge of sales around the world. Her main goals are to learn from her family and employees how to help with the operations in the vineyards and how to assist in the cellar. Organic cultivation, massale selection, respect and protection of the territory and climate change are new challenges and mission of the family and team.

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